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Do this please!

Ok, I want to know your favorite movie. Please comment on this telling me. I will love you forever! And we all know that you want that! Ok, please tell my why its your favorite movie too. And you don't have to put a picture but if you must you may. Don't ask my why I am doing this either because truely, I just don't know my lovelys. Moving on, do this please!


This is my favorite movie because I love Patrick Swayze, I love dacing, and it just an all around fantabulous movie. I love it to death and I watch it all the time. I recommend this to anyone who likes to dance or that likes to watch dancing. Its not like ballet because thats boring to watch. Its dancing that makes you want to get up and dance! Oh and it makes you want to lick the screen because that man you see there in that picture is Patrick Swayze and he is a fricken awesome dancer and you just want to bang him! Ok, thanks for your time!

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